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Books Recommended by J L Collins

J. L. Collins is an American author, a former senior executive with extensive P&L experience (Profit & Loss), dramatically growing the profit of several companies during his career.

Collins received a degree in English Literature from the University of Illinois.

He served as Publisher of Counterman for Babcox Publications, where the company’s profit saw an increase of 54% in only one year, and an additional 41% in the second year. Counterman also went from fourth to the second-largest publication.

Collins also served as a Group Publisher for the Advanced Technology Division (ATD) of PennWell Corporation, a B2B publisher.

After PennWell Corporation, Collins worked at several companies growing revenue and profitability, launching new products, developing and implementing business plans, and building effective teams.

Since 2011 he doesn’t have a standard full-time job, but he writes on his blog about finances, investments, life, travel, and business.

Collins is also the creator of several workshops and the sales-training seminar Effective Selling.

He’s known for “The Simple Path to Wealth“, a book that started as a series of letters written for his daughter, to teach her about money, debt, economies, stocks, why and how to invest in index funds.