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Chelsea Frank (Founder/Life and Limb Gel)

I was reading a book, “How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character” by Paul Tough on a recommendation by my sister, a Middle School teacher. At that time I considered myself a great mother with natural intuition and did not go to the book as a means of “self-help” but of leisurely pleasure. However, I was perplexed when I discovered that even the most intelligent, diligent, and natural parents fail their children on multiple levels. Intuition was not enough. The day I finished the book I went to my son’s baseball game ready to apply my knowledge but found that the words out of my mouth were not necessarily those recommended in the book. Then it hit me: what if everything in life weren’t necessarily “intuitive”? I had learned so much about parenting even if I thought I was doing an excellent job already. What more could I learn about being content, happy, or successful in life?

Amazon description

Why character, confidence, and curiosity are more important to your child’s success than academic results. The New York Times bestseller. For all fans of Oliver James or Steve Biddulph’s Raising Boys, Raising Girls, and The Complete Secrets of Happy Children.

In a world where academic success can seem all-important in deciding our children’s success in adult life, Paul Tough sees things very differently. Instead of fixating on grades and exams, he argues that we, as parents, should be paying more attention to our children’s characters.

Inner resilience, a sense of curiosity, the hidden power of confidence - these are the most important things we can teach our children, because it is these qualities that will enable them to live happy, fulfilled and successful lives. In this personal, thought-provoking and timely book, Paul Tough offers a clarion call to parents who are seeking to unlock their child’s true potential – and ensure they really succeed.

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