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Irina Botnari (Managing Partner & Co-Founder/Bucur's Shelter Hostel)

I’m reading more books at the same time. Guilty. Some of them are Tools of Titans - Tim Ferriss, My Berlin Child – Anne Wiazemsky, Women who Run with the Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Tim is full of lessons to learn, remember & implement, I’ll see what the rest of the books will unfold.

Amazon description

Based on the life of Claire Mauriac, mother of acclaimed writer Anne Wiazemsky, My Berlin Child tells the inspiring story of an extraordinary young woman who abandons her privileged world and finds courage and love while working for the French Red Cross during the Second World War.

When Claire realizes that rather than quell her spirit and desire for indpendence, her wartime experiences have left her thirsting for more, she travels to the heart of the fallen enemy: war-torm Berlin. The German citizens in their desperation evoke her compassion and she is moved by the desolation of the once-thriving metropolis. Yet, despite the devastation of war, there is life and love to be found there, as the ruined city becomes a magical and emotionally charged backgrop for a passionate romance.

In elegant prose, Wiazemsky succeeds in portraying how love

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