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James Murphy (Marketing Manager/Live Nation)

I am also reading Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn by Anne Janzer. With the success of many SaaS based companies I think it’s very important for marketers of all industries to understand the strategies behind not only acquiring new subscription customers but keeping your currently subscribed customers happy. In reading this book, I hope to gain insight on how the subscription based model can segue into markets which may not currently consider it an option.

Amazon description

Subscriptions are shifting revenues and reshaping markets, and changing our expectations for how we buy things.

Your customers are changing: have you adjusted your marketing practices?

If you want to build on recurring revenues, pay attention to customers after the sale. Subscription Marketing offers creative marketing strategies for sustaining long-term customer relationships. Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketing professional or customer success management professional, you'll find advice you can use to drive long-term revenues and success.

Completely revised and expanded to reflect the growing Subscription Economy

The world is changing quickly. The second edition of Subscription Marketing includes

  • Updated research and case studies reflecting the rapid growth of subscription-based businesses
  • Real-world examples of effective value nurturing strategies
  • New content on the risks and challenges of subscription marketing

Read this book now to start nurturing customers and building your long-term success.

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