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Robert Hajnal (Founder of Trail Runing Academy)

Books that had biggest impact in 2017: when it comes to running, it's Jason Koop -Training Essentials for Ultrarunning, a book that completely changed my training approach.

Amazon description

When elite ultrarunners have a need for speed, they turn to coach Jason Koop. Koop reveals his highly effective ultramarathon training program in in Training Essentials for Ultrarunning.

The traditional way of training for ultrarunning is to simply pile on the miles or try an approach that worked for a friend. Yet ultramarathons are not just longer marathons, and simply running more will not prepare you adequately for the race experience you want. Training Essentials for Ultrarunning will revolutionize training for those who want to race an ultramarathon instead of just gut it out to the finish line.

Koop's race-proven ultramarathon program is based on sound science, the most current research, and years of experience coaching the sport s star runners to podium performances. His training method is rooted in a a structured, periodized ultra training plan that focuses on developing an athlete's energy systems for the long haul. Runners using Training Essentials for Ultrarunning will gain much more than Koop s training approach: The science behind ultramarathon performanceCommon ultramarathon failure points and how to solve themHow to use interval training to focus workout, make gains, reduce injuries, and race fasterSimple, effective fueling and hydration strategiesThe A.D.A.P.T. method for making the right decisions to solve a race-day crisisHow to plan your ultra season for better racingCourse-by-course coaching guides to iconic U.S. ultramarathons including American River 50, Badwater 135, Hardrock 100, Javelina 100, JFK 50, Lake Sonoma 50, Leadville 100, Vermont 100, Wasatch 100, and Western States 100. How to achieve your goal, whether it s finishing or winning

A revolution is coming to ultrarunning as ultramarathoners shed old habits and embrace the smarter methods that science and experience show are better. Featuring stories and advice from ultrarunning stars Dakota Jones, Kaci Lickteig, Dylan Bowman, Timothy Olson, and others who work with Jason Koop, Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is the go-to guide for first-time ultrarunners and competitive ultramarathoners. "

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