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Dave Child (Founder/

Well, let's start with the business one, as that's a bit easier. Focus: The Future of Your Company Depends on It by Al Ries is a few years old by now, but the advice hasn't changed. I suffer (for want of a better word) from something I call Shiny Thing Syndrome - I'm easily tempted by new features, or a new website, or some new technology, and while I absolutely think there's value in exploring tangents and building things for the fun of it, it's also critical to not be too distracted by something which isn't going to help you get where you want to be. Focus is a great exploration of what it means to be focussed and the costs of distractions.

Ben Horowitz (Co-founder/Andreessen Horowitz)

Focus by Al Reis is a excellent on branding, naming, and marketing.

Amazon description

What's the secret to a company's continued growth and prosperity? Internationally known marketing expert Al Ries has the answer: focus. His commonsense approach to business management is founded on the premise that long-lasting success depends on focusing on core products and eschewing the temptation to diversify into unrelated enterprises.

Using real-world examples, Ries shows that in industry after industry, it is the companies that resist diversification, and focus instead on owning a category in consumers' minds, that dominate their markets. He offers solid guidance on how to get focused and how to stay focused, laying out a workable blueprint for any company's evolution that will increase market share and shareholder value while ensuring future success.

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