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Books Recommended by Joel Gascoigne

Joel Gascoigne is the co-founder and CEO of Buffer, one of the most popular social media management platforms in the world.

In 2008, Joel co-founded Buffer to make social media management easier. Within the first 9 months, Buffer reached over 100.000 users.

Joel grew his business to $19M in annual revenue ($3m+ profit in 2018) and 70 employees.

In the summer of 2018, they completed a project of buying out a majority of their Series A investors, and spent $3.3 m in the process of gaining back complete control of the company.

He’s also an angel investor (some of the companies he invested in are: Unsplash, Outsite, First Code Company, inDinero, Conversio, and more).

All books recommended by Joel Gascoigne: