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Books Recommended by Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is an American author, sales trainer and consultant, real estate investor, and motivational speaker.

Grant owns and operates four companies that have annual revenue sales of almost $100M.

He became known worldwide for his Information Assisted Selling, a new innovative way of selling in the 21st century.

Although Grant received a degree in accounting, right after graduation he worked as a car salesman, constantly moving around the USA. A while later, he worked in sales training and became CEO of Freedom Motorsports Group Inc. Then he started his first businesses: The Cardone Group and Cardone Enterprises.

During the years, Grant has published several books, his most successful one being If You’re Not First, You’re Last. In that book, he teaches others how to sell their products and services.

Cardone’s Information Assisted Selling led companies (including Fortune 500 ones), individuals, entrepreneurs revamp their sales system and use Grant’s sales methods.

Cardone also has a podcast, Cardone Zone Podcast, where he addresses a wide range of topics such as sales, business advice, motivation, and keys to success.

Books written or recommended by Grant Cardone: